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UNIM – Digital Pathology

UNIM Company was founded in 2013.

Company’s area of expertise is a highly specialized field of morphological diagnosis of oncological diseases. The purpose of the company is to provide patients worldwide with access to the most precise and fastest possible morphological diagnosis of oncological diseases. In order to achieve this purpose the company develops and implements software solutions in oncomorphology as professional pathologist tool for minimizing the probability of human error in diagnosis.

One of the main features of the company is combined expertise in the fields of morphological diagnosis process and complex software development. Being experts in both areas, we are proud to produce solutions that are highly appreciated by specialists around the world. Even a more important merit of ours is that Digital Pathology© platform has been introduced by many health facilities in their everyday diagnosis process and is used as regularly as a microscope.

Company software solutions are used in the following spheres:

  • Current morphological diagnosis of oncological diseases
  • Creation of clinical and scientific archives
  • Validation of oncological cases for scientific centers, biobanks and insurance companies
  • Training of specialists around the world
  • Aggregation of statistics, creation of registries
  • Systems of medical decision-making support


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