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Digital Pathology Collaboration

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Digital Pathology© Collaboration is computer software, analogous to multi-head microscope, allows to hold educational events for pathologists

Digital Pathology© Collaboration helps facilitate educational events for pathologists and provides capabilities exceeding those of its closest analog – a modern multi-head microscope.
Implementation of Digital Pathology© collaboration in educational process allows hundreds of specialists meet remotely via the Internet around the same multi-head microscope, and perform real-time case analysis using voice communication.

This technology forms a platform for developing courses and effective online training on regional, federal, and international level.

Capabilities of Digital Pathology© Collaboration

  • Simultaneous examination of serial sections with different stains
  • Location and commenting of diagnostically significant zones
  • Voice and online chat communication with the teacher
  • Work with digitized histological specimens in a form of online council
  • Archive creation and storage for education and scientific studies
  • Combining of doctors’ competences from around the world