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Digital Pathology© Assistant 2017 Beta

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Pathology Assistant© is a software product for based on Digital Pathology© and designed for support of medical decision-making.

Pathology Assistant© is a synthesis of a histology atlas and an electron microscope which enables to differentiate diagnosis on the basis of objective morphological and clinical features. A digitized specimen uploaded by a user is compared to specimens in the database upon the presence of certain characteristics. At each stage the number of nosologies and specializations decreases, simplifying diagnostic work of a pathologist.

The first section of Pathology Assistant© was Pathology Assistant Bone Tumors developed by experts in the field of diagnosis and description of bone tumors Dmitry Rogozhin (ISS Member; Candidate of Medical Sciences; Head of Anatomical Pathology Department of Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital) and Michael J. Klein (M.D.; Pathologist in Chief and Director, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery; Consultant in Pathology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center).

Advantages of working with Pathology Assistant©:

  • improvement of diagnosis quality
  • decrease of time period necessary for making decision on diagnosis
  • increase of diagnosis objectivity

This is the bonus product: with any purchase you’ll get the beta version of Digital Pathology© Assistant for free.