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Digital Pathology© is not only ultra-fast viewing system of digital whole slide images, it is a way for pathologists to review and share large sets of clinical data and improve patient outcomes.

Digital Pathology© Lab

Digital laboratory for 20 persons, sharing and storage histological slides and clinical data, special tools: ruler, marks, screenshots, mutual chat, uploading reports in .pdf format.

  • Annual subscription – 3500€, 100 cases
  • Subscription for 6 months – 2000€, 50 cases

Digital Pathology© Consultation

We will provide you with second opinion expert consultations from pathologists with diverse expertise in virtually all specialties from Russia, USA, Germany, UK, Czech Republic and Norway.

  • 20 cases – 4000€
  • 30 cases – 5700€
  • 50 cases – 9000€

Platform features:

technical support
personal account
real-time consultations
access at any time from any web-device located anyplace in the world

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