Pathology Puzzles is online platform for professional pathologist’s discussion and pathology cases diagnostics. We welcome oncology professionals from around the world to join us!

This project is dedicated to connect professionals with diverse expertise and experience in pathology area for the purpose of education, communication and collaboration by revealing the optimal methods of diagnosing particular cases and discussing the typical errors. Our mission for the project is to help all pathologists avoid wrong diagnostics.

Our team consists of several professionals both in pathology and software design, and we all care about pathology diagnostics development for the benefit of patient and their relatives. We believe we can make difference sharing Pathology Puzzles with you!

Pathology Puzzles is based on using the Digital Pathology© system for digital image demonstration and digital slides processing, very much like, and even better than, working with multi-head microscope. Our goal is to make it the best technology of digital pathology images sharing and diagnostics.

Every round has a leader who selects and uploads via Pathology Puzzles a number of interesting cases for discussion, such as digital histological slides, clinical data and, if necessary, the MRT, CT files available for review.

The cases are presented for registered participant’s joint discussion, and after that each participant should report the final diagnosis. At the end of every round the moderator’s report will be uploaded to the site, the results will be analyzed and the participants awarded.

Every month three new cases will be uploaded into the Digital Pathology© for review. The cases should be validated by at least two independent experts.

Don’t miss your chance to be involved in the unique non-profit project – Pathology Puzzles! We welcome oncology professionals from around the world to join Pathology Puzzles!